Medtronic MiniMed <em>TM</em> 770G Insulin Pump System

Medtronic MiniMed TM 770G Insulin Pump System

The MiniMed TM 770G System adapts to your unique needs.

  • SmartGuard Auto Mode is self-adjusting technology*^ that continuously optimizes insulin delivery every five minutes based on CGM or sensor glucose readings, helping prevent highs and lows.
  • MiniMed TM Mobile app shows insulin delivery and sugar trends on compatible smartphones and provides high and low glucose alerts, as well as other system alerts (low reservoir, low battery, etc.). (iOS and Android TM versions available)
  • CareLink TM Connect app makes it easy to share data with up to five care partners. (iOS and Android TM versions available)
  • Guardian TM Sensor 3 and Guardian Link 3 transmitter (transmits data to a compatible pump via wireless technology)
  • To reduce lows during activities, the user can temporarily change the glucose target to deliver less insulin when needed.
  • Roche« Accu-Chek« Guide Link blood glucose meter sends test results wirelessly to the pump for quick sensor calibration.+
  • The system is enabled for future software updates, when available.

CCS Medical offers Accu-Chek« Guide test strips to use with the Medtronic MiniMed 770G System.

*Refers to SmartGuard TM Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Individual results may vary.

+For sensor calibration, a fingerstick is required.

Android TM is a trademark of Google LLC.


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