The LivingConnected® Platform. Living Smarter.

  1. Blood glucose is checked through a connected device.
  2. Blood glucose readings and other data are sent to the Cloud.
  3. Out-of-range readings are pushed to 24/7 monitoring.
  4. 24/7 live monitoring, intervention and coaching by our clinical team (RNs, RDs, and CDCESs).
  5. Information may be instantly shared with families, caregivers, and health plan via a web portal.

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For employers and other health plan sponsors, LivingConnected offers the two key components necessary to begin properly managing risk around its employees and covered dependents who have been diagnosed with diabetes: visibility into the size and scope of the problem, as well as control in managing the at-risk workforce towards optimal health. 

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Discover the Power of LivingConnected

What makes the LivingConnected program work?

The LivingConnected program is an innovative mobile health solution, which enables those with diabetes to live healthier lives.

We do this through four key elements of healthy living:

  1. Regular Monitoring
  2. Medication Adherence
  3. ADCES-accredited Diabetes Education
  4. Clinical Intervention

This unique program has been designed to increase engagement, improve clinical outcomes and to reduce the costs associated with diabetes.

Learn how the LivingConnected program can improve the overall health of your diabetes population.


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